Where we get our news part two

So, the reason coalition supporters read newspapers is because they tend to be older, right? Well, that was my working hypothesis until I looked at the data. Turns out younger voters are big consumers of newspapers as well as social media and blogs.

The graph below tells you the story.

Media First Choice Age Graph Thumb


The under 34 and under 44 figures need to be treated cautiously as the samples are small, but it looks like they are the most enthusiastic about newspapers and social media. The difference between these groups and older groups is their attachment to public radio and TV which is quite low.

Media First Choice Gender Graph Thumb


Men are much more likely to rely on newspapers than women, who are much more likely to listen to Public Radio and TV. Both are unequally unliekly to look at blogs although women are a bit more likely to be using social media.

But the future is not necessarily rosy for newspapers. The younger you are, the more likely you are to access newspapers online.

News Mode Age Graph Thumb

There are also some interesting differences by gender.

News Mode Age Gender Thumb



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