January Omnibus - the quants

Thinking about Australia would you agree or disagree that the country is heading in the right direction?

Direction Total
Strongly agree 8%
Agree 26%
Neither agree nor disagree 13%
Disagree 22%
Strongly disagree 30%
Unsure 1%
Grand Total 100%
Total agree 34%
Total disagree 52%
Net agree -18%

This is a similar figure to last time - well within the margin of error, as are the rest. You can see our last figures by clicking here.

Thinking about Julia Gillard as Prime Minister, how strongly do you approve or disapprove of the job that she is doing?

Gillard_Approve Total
Approve 26%
Disapprove 10%
Unsure 0%
Neutral 10%
Strongly_disapprove 41%
Strongly_approve 13%
Grand Total 100%
Total approve 36%
Total disapprove 50%
Net approve



Thinking about Tony Abbott as Leader of the Opposition, how strongly do you approve or disapprove of the job that he is doing?

Abbot_Approve Total
Approve 22%
Disapprove 11%
Unsure 0%
Strongly_disapprove 43%
Neutral 9%
Strongly_approve 15%
Grand Total 100%
Total approve 33%
Total disapprove 52%
Net approve -18%

Who is your preferred Prime Minister?

Preferred_PM Total
Julia Gillard 49%
Tony Abbott 45%
Unsure 6%
Grand Total 100%
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